About Lefab

Did you know that Lefab Production AB was the first company in Sweden to fill plastic jerricans with alkylate petrol? That is a typical example of the core of Lefab’s philosophy. We strive to be at the cutting edge, regardless of whether it concerns products, packaging, production methods or environmental management.

Being innovative and seeing possibilities for improving products and production methods is easier with experience and knowledge. Lefab has both of these. We believe this is what makes us a good partner.

Lefab was founded at the beginning of the 1980s by the Theander family. Berry was involved in developing alkylate petrol and getting it approved for being filled into plastic jerricans.

Besides extensive experience of the chemical-technical side of operations, Royne, who has been the company’s MD for 10 years, has a great interest in technology. Amongst other things, he has also been involved in building up several factories in the Nordic countries. Today, the knowledge he has gathered over the years is helping to develop and streamline of the new owner Limhamnshus Industri ABs factories.

Lennart, current MD who is active in sales and product development, has been in the industry since 1989. His technical expertise in engines and fuels is behind brands such as AG Petroleum and Best Fuel. These products have been developed in collaborations with world-leading engine manufacturers and leading racing operations such as Volvo STCC F1, FI Powerboat and Prodrive.

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