Documented quality

Post-production checking is, of course, good. However, we feel it is best to get things right from the start. In our well-equipped laboratory, we can test all mixes before filing.

The process of ensuring product quality begins with the testing of all deliveries of raw materials. These latter are then marked with a special number and stored. After mixing, the end products are analysed to ensure consistent quality. Each and every batch is marked for full traceability.

Our laboratory has equipment for (amongst other things):

  • Analysing alcohols.
  • Analysing hydrocarbons.
  • Distilling.
  • Determining the content of aromatics.
  • Checking vapour pressure.
  • Measuring viscosity.
  • Measuring density.
  • Measuring conductivity
  • Checking pH value.

Safety data sheets

Thanks to our laboratory, we can produce safety data sheets for all the products we make. It is also easy for us to adjust data sheets if products are modified.

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