Packaging & wrapping

Packaging must attract customers, hold contents safely and be easy to handle in both production and use. Lefab fills everything from 1-litre bottles to drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) of 1,000 litres.

In-house manufacture offers environmental and economic advantages

Approximately 50% of the packaging we fill is made by ourselves in our factory in Älvängen. Our 4 and 5-litre plastic jerricans account for most of what is made in-house.

Because no transport is required and an intermediary stage is avoided, the environment and your wallet both benefit! There is every possibility of getting the ideal packaging for your product and avoiding unnecessary production stops owing to packaging not having been delivered.

Take a look at our plastic jerricans...

Eco-friendly standing pouches

We also pack in practical standing pouches (sometimes simply referred to as pouches). Standing pouches have many advantages: they take up less space in transport, less plastic is used in their manufacture and they are easy to recycle. We make both long and short runs in our pouch line.

Take a look at our pouches...

Labelling – standard and sleeve

The label is an important part of any packaging. It has to attract customers and give information about product contents. Many chemical-technical products must have special marking. You may also want to have brief user instructions on the label.

As a rule, our customers design their own labels and we handle the placing of orders, etc.

We can NOW offer sleeve labels. These follow the shape of the container. As no glue is needed, they do not wrinkle or “shrink” like other labels. Because they tolerate water and damp, they offer stable storage in humid climates. Their 4 sides provide plenty of room for information – perhaps several languages on the same label!


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