Concerning the pandemic Covid-19, and our production (5/4).

Dear reader!

The spread of infection by Covid-19 affects us all. Our Production is extensively affected in view of our adaptation to disinfectant filling.

Lefab Production therefore prioritises products of this kind. Our production will primarily be for immediate needs such as health care, the elderly and our direct health in general. Thanks to our well-planned production, good capacity and to a certain extent also emergency preparedness stocks, disinfection products filled at Lefab will reach the needy as the healthcare in probably record time.

The situation is very volatile, planning and filling also takes place with very quick decisions depending on the input material and capacity for the moment.

This will affect our total capacity for the near future. We therefore ask for our customers' patience and acceptance of priorities.

Lefab is proud and happy that we can help, our capacity for sales and customer service is to some extent limited. We ask again for your understanding!

Subcontract filling – from product to shop shelf

Lefab helps you to produce, fill, package, store and distribute liquid chemical-technical products. Thus, from chemical to customer, you need only one supplier!

Whether you have a finished product ready for filling or want to develop your own private-label series, our long experience of working with chemical-technical products will be of benefit. Our expertise is ideal if you would like to discuss product ideas, have special packaging wishes or simply want to be confident about quality.

Our customers include Swedish and European oil companies and wholesalers. Another major customer group is specialist retailers who have invested in eco-friendly products.

In our six fully automatic lines, we fill containers from 1 – 1,000 litres. Choose between bottles, jerricans or the new eco-friendly standing pouches. In addition to standard labelling, we also offer sleeve labels. These provide stable storage in humid climates and plenty of room for information.

Up to date information

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We are now certified!

In December 2018, Lefab Production AB’s quality and environmental management system gained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. You will...
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Contact us if you...

... would like help from staff with thorough experience of chemical-technical products.

... are inquisitive about innovative packaging solutions.

... have an idea and need help to develop it into a finished concept.

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